What is MilesBradley

The MilesBradley partnership was founded through a joint passion for empowering businesses and artisans to discover their competitive advantage and thrive.

Through a dynamic and innovative approach, our strength is based upon establishing intimate engagements; sharing in the triumphs and successes of our partners.


At MilesBradley, Inc. we partner with organizations seeking to improve efficiency and performance in a quickly evolving industry. We develop tailor-made, cost-effective, and pragmatic solutions focused on Business Development and Financial Readiness. Our holistic approach is rooted in current state assessments, analysis of market trends and realities, and the short-term and long-term goals of our partners. We create and execute actionable plans that provide step-by-step guidance toward sustainable growth and financial stability.

MilesBradley is led by industry experts with over 30 years of combined experience navigating the nuances of marketing and business development, accounting and financials, and regulatory compliance. Together we offer insight and best practices for an emerging industry with tremendous opportunities for growth.

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What We Do

At MilesBradley, Inc. we craft solutions to meet the specific financial and developmental needs of our clients. In collaboration with a deep bench of strategic partners, we offer organizations and individuals cost-effective and pragmatic business services.  Our tailor-made guidance provides industry insight and technical support for both short-term projects and initiatives for long-term operational transformation.

Financial Readiness

As an active player in a developing industry, MilesBradley provides foresight into critical issues, allowing you, the business owners and artisans, to represent your company in the marketplace.  We keep you out of the weeds of compliance reporting and endless spreadsheets so you gain the time and perspective to focus on optimizing products and services.

Our financial readiness division focuses on getting you on the right path, with system setups that value your most important assets and comply with governmental reporting requirements.

Strategic Development

To effectively navigate a quickly evolving industry, our business development division provides clients with valuable insights into emerging market trends, forecasting shifts and evolving regulatory demands.

Empowered by government relations and institutional knowledge, MilesBradley acts as a strategic partner, helping develop, adapt and implement dynamic growth campaigns. We  ensure our clients are ahead of the curve by providing the fundamental financial and operational strength to grow and thrive. 

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Brand Assessment & Development

  • Create and implement both immediate and long-term marketing campaigns

  • Provide a current market overview and strategic insight

Facilitation of Strategic Partnerships

  • Establish relationships and introductions with vetted operators and key regulators
  • Build partnership programs and campaigns through joint alliances between organizations

Governmental Compliance & Navigation

  • Provide in-depth guidance for Permanent Licensing and Renewal Requirements

  • Navigate both state and local municipality processes and development

Inventory Management

  • Establish costing methodology for inventory to maximize cost of goods sold (COGS)

  • 3rd-party IT system selection and implementation assistance

Regulatory Compliance

  • Assess, design and implement documentation retention policies and record keeping systems

  • Assist with the accounting and reporting of state and local cultivation and excise taxes

Financial Accounting Support

  • Design and implement an optimized accounting ecosystem

  • Provide financial statement presentations and budget analysis

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